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CHOOSING a Credit Card Payment Processor is one of the most important decisions you can make for the security and operation of your business. The relationship that you have with your Credit Card Provider not only affects the financial flow of payments that support your company, your Credit Card Provider is a direct link to your customer and the security of their finances and payments.

We have evaluated and tested many Credit Card Payment Processors over the past 15 years. The market is constantly changing as new forms of payment are introduced. Some companies only process Credit Card transactions, others handle EBT, State Lottery and other forms of payment. In some cases the payment processor offers enhanced reports and customer dashboards. With some Credit Card Providers we have the option of offering Bundled Point-of-Sale hardware which can be automatically deducted from your weekly or monthly deposits, There is also an Option for Credit Card Cash Advances based upon your sales.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PURCHASE your Point of Sale system from us to process your Credit Card or Mobile Payments with one of our Payment Partners. Our Credit Card Partners will work with almost ANY Point-of-Sale platform. We can assist you in getting started with the Credit Card Payment Provider of your choice quickly and easily. Call us at (877) 627-0636 or Email: Credit Card Information Please

Here is a Visual of how Credit Card Processing works in the simplest terms: credit card diagram of how the processing works

Below is a list of our Preferred Partners in Credit Card Processing. We offer you Choices, not only in Point-of-Sale but also in your Credit Card Providers. We recommend that you choose no more than 2 or 3 to compare rates.

Why should you choose one of the most important aspects of your business at random? We know these payment processors and more importantly - We TRUST these Credit Card Payment Processors to 'do right by our customers'.

The companies listed below are in no particular order.

Whoever you choose to Contact let them know that you were Referred by 'ACT-POS' for the Best Rates available!

Credit Processors that offer more! Check these out: