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Traditional POS systems have sacrificed simplicity for an over abundance of features. By adding unnecessary features, they’ve made running a POS more and more difficult, time consuming and stressful for you. To combat such hassles, we’ve created Ambur, a beautifully simple system. We’ll be your righthand man, helping to set up your menu, your wireless network and all other features of Ambur. After a couple weeks, you'll feel like a master.

AMBUR Apple iOS Point-of-Sale for iPad , Full POS Cloud based Point of sale on the ipad


We have the complete Apple iOS Solution - Apple iPad and iTouch Hardware, Credit Card Swipes, Remote Kitchen Printers, Thermal Receipt Printers, Cash Drawers and Wireless Network Ports and Accessories to make your Apple iPad Point-of-Sale solution a Full Solution.


Download a Free 30 Day Trial and let us help you get going faster.

p.s. Our cost is less!30Day Free Trial of Ambur POS for Apple iPad iOS systems